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Jim De Guzman
Peter Ding Basa
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Nehemias Cortez
Isauro Soriano
Albert Mercado

 Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association is a non-profit Deaf organization in the country that aims to promote wide-ranging Deaf awareness and cultures, render helpful services, assuring the well-being and human rights for all kinds of Deaf Filipino community, and primarily, it is also a faith-based ministering with God’s Word in Deaf people’s hearts.





        The objectives of the PDSLA are to uphold the following functions:

  • Implement and further promote Filipino Sign Language all over the country after the ratification of the Filipino Sign Language Act 11106
  • Mutual partnerships with the non-government organizations, government agencies, and corporations as relevant stakeholders
  • Serving the needs of the Deaf Filipinos in aspects of education, employment, healthcare, social services, sign language training, livelihood, and interpreting
  • Promote general Deaf human rights, equality, and security
  • Enrich leadership and skills effectively
  • Access to general information and technology communication
  • Raise and seek assistance for the PDSLA projects and programs
  • Campaign media and advertisement promoting nationwide the deep understanding of Deaf awareness.
  • Reach out to the Deaf by the minister and share God’s Word for His kingdom.
  • Render Bible visual translations in Filipino Sign Language designed for the Deaf. 




     Mission, Vision, and Core Values

          Our Mission

  • PDSLA will empower and train Deaf Filipino citizens to boost their potential and self-reliance. Enhance the FSL interpreting and endorse accessibility, cultivation, deep understanding of Deaf culture, and develop leadership and abilities within Deaf communities for the glory of God.

          Our Vision

  • To serve, transform and empower the Filipino Deaf to become a thriving, vibrant community.
  • The Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association envisions the better learning and integrated Deaf and hearing community in which they are interacted and participate in all activities, and Deaf people are valued in the society.

          Core Values

  • Inclusion
    • Deaf Filipino individuals should be recognized and be active participants in every aspect of society
  • Training
    • Participants will be trained and take growth opportunities and enhance knowledge
  • Accessibility
    • Access to the Deaf needs concerning information, services, devices, and sign language communication
  • Mutual Partnership and Commitment
    • Promote shared partnerships with relevant stakeholders and commit to changing and improving Deaf people’s lives
  • Equality
    • Deaf people have unique own language identities and cultures and they should share equal rights and respect 
  • Development
    • Develop the organization to be more advanced in the future to come for the mutual benefit of the future generation of the Deaf