Community & Language Development

Community & Language Development

        One of the five goals of the PDSLA and the third projects to be conducted and funded. This project is for the community to learn and comprehend the language communication of the d/Deaf people, the Filipino Sign Language.

        Language, in basic meaning as stated in Webster’s dictionary, is the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other. It is the basic use in communicating or conversing that understood by two or more persons or group of people. Also, it is called a “mother tongue” of the certain community.  On the other, community, means a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society or a society at large. It is our “neighborhood”.

        Deaf people and children have their own unique language by using signing and gestures. It is not by voice or word spoken, but by moving two hands and facial expressions to talk and deliver their ideas and feelings. And because Deaf people are inaudible, their eyes are used for listening and to receive the language that the other Deaf is signing.

        In Community and Language Development project, the plan and mission are to focus on the mentioned communities below (also called stakeholders) to disseminate mandatory and ordinances that provide deeply learn about the Deaf and the FSL Act 11106.

  • City halls and Barangays
  • Police stations
  • Health centers and nearby hospitals
  • Schools (Public & Private)
  • Public and Private services
  • Churches
  • Malls
  • Families and Neighbors

        It is important to educate the hearing community about Deaf individuals because hearing people mostly discriminate and disregard this underprivileged people in the society due to widely lack of awareness. The hearing parents of the deaf are also important and top in the lists because the deaf children’s delay of language skills can cause deep frustration and long-term miscommunication about what she or he may be trying to convey when talking to the parents and other people.

        Sign language development in the hearing community is very important to a deaf child or person to effectively exchange information with others in a meaningful and understanding way. In Deaf community, they shared a feeling of fellowship, sharing common attitudes, values, customs and cultures, interests and goals. Through the educated Deaf leaders and advocators and the Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association, they intensely takes to ensure that they can help to effectively use and share their own unique language to achieve their social, cultural, political, economic, and spiritual goals.