Deaf Culture

Deaf Culture

        The Deaf Culture is one of the five programs of the Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association in which to aims to spread, clarify and demonstrate the significance of having awareness on the Filipino Deaf cultures. Deaf culture is said to be the “heart of Deaf community everywhere in the world”, and it shows the very unique of social beliefs, language, identities, behaviors, history, literature, heritage values, norms, and shared communities of Deaf people or knowing the Deaf world that based on the sign language, as a means of communication and learning its views that influenced by deafness. In Deaf culture, the more and depth clarification of the bilingualism, bi-modalism, and bicultural identities, and the richness and distinctions of the Filipino Sign Language of the many natives and urbanized signers in different parts of then regions in the country. Additionally, it takes a glimpse on different identities (e.g. CODA/Coda, SODA, DOD, HoH, d/Deaf, late-deafened adult, etc) and various issues involving Deaf and deafness.

        This project is needed and important to funding because its mission is to let all the people or individuals particularly the various hearing institutions and businesses to learn about the Deaf Filipino people and understand them deeply so that they will be widely accepted, recognized and undiscriminating in the society.

        Here are the various content activities to get aware of the Deaf culture through funding this project:

  • Planning to write books concerning the Deaf people, community and its rich cultures
  • Advocacy programs through networking via social media (e.g. blog, column, e-news) and campaigning or advertisement
  • Writing and publish magazines and newsletters
  • Availability of teaching Filipino sign language
  • Knowing the real standing of the Deaf cultures
  • Promote awareness of Deaf socio-cultural and pathological perspectives
  • Conduct more seminars and workshops
  • Introduced the meaning of Deafhood.
  • Make a way to prevent communication barriers between hearing and deaf
  • Act as an agent to spread widely the Filipino Sign Language and Deaf culture
  • Surveys and interview

        Advocating the Deaf culture is to ensure that their language and heritage, both in the past and present, are passed to other peers and to the next generations.In all parts of the world, all Deaf cultures have their own set of norms of behaviors that are believed to be accepted and should be respected similar to hearing cultures.

        In the hearing culture and society, Deaf people is widely unrecognized and discriminated. So the utmost goal of the project is to stop the many misconceptions or myths of hearing people and institutions.