Linguistics & Research

Linguistics & Research

        Sign Linguistics and Research is the language analysis project of the association that focus in collecting data information and research concerning on the natural hand-spoken of the Deaf Filipino Community, the FILIPINO SIGN LANGUAGE, a way of everyday communication that belong to these soundless people that has been using since the beginning and discovery of FSL decades ago. This research will help to identify how their language use to convey its meaning.

        The linguistic is defined as the ‘systematic study of the structure of language’ wherein the same meaning is also applied in the organization that has an intense goal to make it be a solely operated by the Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association. It significantly aims to research, revise and re-invent the process of learning and understanding FSL in a basic and modern way and in a new systematic style, in order to make the people and institutions in general easy to grasp and remember, particularly the deaf children.

        Pastor Julius G. Andrada, the president of Philippine Deaf Sign Language Association expresses in the success of the linguistic research book, the Filipino Sign Language compilation part 2, “linguists (Deaf) have studied sign languages and demonstrated them to have many linguistic components to be recognized as a true language.” He and the members of the association wanted to encourage and disseminate FSL in all parts of the Philippines. The implementation of the FSL Act 11106 must be implemented and enforced nationwide as much as possible.

        Here are the various activities proposes in the program:

  • FSL signing, facial expressions, and body languages videos for basic learners
  • FSL educational signs and rhythm for toddlers and deaf children
  • FSL Literary videos (proposal only)
  • FSL native regional signs
  • FSL dictionary and vocabulary video
  • Book illustrations of fingerspelling (alphabet and counting) and basic signs
  • Classifiers, FSL idioms, FSL poetry/poems, and gestures
  • Others activities that include in the linguistic research

        Through this plan, the PDSLA will profoundly study and evaluate not only the sign language distinctions in different regions in the Philippines but as well, research the origin of the old and new signs of the Deaf Filipinos. FSL is always evolving and the new sign/s appear in the mind of the d/Deaf men and women as the time pass.

        PDSLA desires this research project to establish in reality in order to show the very rich and beautiful of the native and modern signers and share to everyone how unique and fun the hands spoken of the Deaf persons.